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June 2019

Curmudgeon’s Corner: The Road Your Horse Is On

This week on Curmudgeon’s Corner, Sam and Ivan talk about Trump and his administration and what they are doing, duh… but they also talk about kids being exhausting in the summer, anti-vax idiots, and WWDC. Enjoy the show!

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Show Details:

Recorded 2019-06-14
Length this week – 2:16:13

  • (0:00:21-0:37:16) Round 1
    • Ivan: Summer exhaustion
    • Sam: Trump admin ignoring laws and ethics
  • (0:38:33-1:30:02) Round 2
    • Ivan: War with Iran?
    • Sam: Trump on taking foreign help
  • (1:31:45-) Round 3
    • Ivan: Anti-vax idiots
    • Sam: WWDC

The Curmudgeon’s Corner theme music is generously provided by Ray Lynch.

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  • 02:41:31 Retweeted @LedPast 02:00:17 513 DAYS TO GO:
    2008 Dem: Clinton led by 8.8 points.
    2008 GOP: Giuliani led by 9.5 points.
    2012 GOP: Romney led by 11 points.
    2016 Dem: Clinton led by 47.5 points.
    2016 GOP: Bush led by 0.2 points.
  • 03:37:10 Retweeted @marcoarment 01:08:41 Something big changed at Apple around the beginning of 2017:
  • 03:52:49 Retweeted @johnharris1969 2019-06-09 11:54:20 Here’s the essential state of English politics in 96 seconds by my colleague @rafaelbehr
  • 06:21:27 Retweeted @ASmallFiction 04:13:16 No one notices the ghosts of dogs. Their hauntings are too companionable.They curl at the foot of the bed in the soft early mornings.

    Warm. Content.

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  • 16:26:19 Retweeted @jonallendc 10:43:48 This @kasie interview with Rep. Rob Woodall, R-Ga., from last night is … pick your word.He didn’t read the Mueller report, and it’s hard to identify a reason in what he says about that that doesn’t come down to plausible deniability about what’s in it.
  • 16:36:54 Retweeted @nprpolitics 15:55:05 this was supposed to be a politics news tweet but we got so excited watching Sesame Street at the @nprmusic Tiny Desk that we forgot
  • 17:01:49 Retweeted @AdamParkhomenko 16:41:41 I think the words I’ve come to hate the most are “Democrats have reached a deal with DOJ.” Keep trying to kick that football, folks. I’m sure Lucy is a completely different person now.
  • 17:03:48 Retweeted @waltshaub 12:21:56 This is the sort of thing that should lead to the impeachment of a corrupt official — that is, if her corrupt husband weren’t in a position to block that impeachment. We are now a full-fledged banana republic. We have nothing to teach the rest of the world except what not to be.
  • 17:05:22 Retweeted @ThePlumLineGS 16:52:46 The Mexican foreign minister is now flatly contradicting Trump’s claim of secret additional provisions that Mexico supposedly agreed to, the NYT reports.Keep in mind that Trump tweeted that these secret provisions were “fully signed and documented.”

  • 19:23:05 Retweeted @yashar 19:20:12 To think that testimony by John Dean, who appears on CNN multiple times per week, would be agenda-setting and widely watched shows a detachment from reality.It’s not as if Dean is making his first comments since the Mueller probe began.
  • 19:30:12 I am a junky for this stuff, and normally would have been listening to audio for any important hearings and such on my headphones while I work. But I’ve heard John Dean talk dozens of times on this. I didn’t even think about tuning in this time.
  • 23:10:48 Retweeted @petridishes 20:20:44 what if as a nation we just did one BIG Kickstarter once a year to help everyone pay medical bills instead of 327 million individual ones

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