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April 2017
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Curmudgeon’s Corner: The Russia Trump Show

This week on Curmudgeon’s Corner… well… Trump and Russia again. We had no choice! It just keeps coming up! In any case, we also talk about the “deconstruction of the administrative state” as a goal of the Trump presidency on the politics side. But we take non-political detours into cleanliness and tidiness, Windows 10, Elon Musk’s Moon plans, and cord cutting too. So a nice well rounded show!

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Show Details:

Recorded 2017-03-03
Length this week – 1:48:32

  • (0:01:05-0:19:40) But First
    • Agenda
    • Cleaning and Tidiness
    • Windows 10
  • (0:21:24-0:53:24) Russia Again
    • The Best Interpretation
    • Unforced Errors
    • Dems overplaying?
    • Smoke implies fire?
    • More coming?
    • Will Sessions resign?
    • Recusal enough?
  • (0:54:40-1:20:38) Deconstruction
    • Goals of the administration?
    • Destroy from within?
    • Unfilled spots
    • Plan? What is a plan?
    • Regulations
    • Deconstructing repsonsibly
    • Aimless agencies
    • War on experts
  • (1:21:58-1:48:13) Two Bolts
    • Trip to the Moon
    • Cord Cutting


The Curmudgeon’s Corner theme music is generously provided by Ray Lynch.

Our intro is “The Oh of Pleasure” (Amazon MP3 link)

Our outro is “Celestial Soda Pop” (Amazon MP3 link)

Both are from the album “Deep Breakfast” (iTunes link)

Please buy his music and support his GoFundMe.

Curmudgeon’s Corner: The Moons of Saturn

In the latest Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam and Bruce talk about:
* Listenership / Rosetta-Philae / Space Exploration
* Russia and the “New Cold War”
* Net Neutrality / Cord Cutting
* Streaming Video / Interstellar / AFI List / Relative Finder

Recorded on 13 Nov 2014

Length this week – 1:19:04

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Curmudgeon’s Corner: Not Recording from a Boat

In the latest Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam talks about:

  • Time Change / Malaysia Airlines MH370 Lost
  • Senate vs CIA
  • Ukraine
  • Cord Cutting / Background Noise

Recorded on 14 Mar 2014

Length this week – 1:12:40

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