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June 2024

Doctor Who: The Keys of Marinus

Released: 1964 Apr 11 – 1964 May 16
Watched: 2010 Dec 28
Queue: Who
Format: DVD

So, continuing working our way through the old Doctor Who’s. We are always watching the oldest available story we haven’t watched yet. So while we have watched some Second and even Third Doctor stories, in the mean time they keep releasing more First Doctor stories. So here we are back with the First Doctor.

The most interesting thing to me about this story are the echos, or should I say foreshadowing (well, perhaps if it was intentional) of the much later 4th Doctor Key to Time stories. In both cases the Doctor and his companions are on a quest to collect the “keys” which when brought together will enable a tool of great power. Or something like that. There is a different adventure associated with finding each of the Keys. The endings are somewhat similar too.

Anyway, otherwise this was an OK First Doctor story I guess. I’ve never been a big fan of this Doctor though, so I’m not sure that is much praise. It was OK. It was better than some others. I’m still eager to get past these early episodes up to the episodes from the Fourth Doctor and beyond though. We have a ways to go though, especially if we keep going so slow that they release more older episodes faster than we watch them. :-)

Doctor Who: The Rescue

Doctor Who: The RescueFirst of all, let me just say I was sloppy and to get the timelines right, I should have posted this immediately before the picture of Amy in the Star Trek shirt instead of immediately after. I didn’t bother looking at the timestamp on the picture, and misremembered when it was taken. Oops. Anyway, nobody will care other than me, so let me move on…

We got to a Family Movie Night thing after having taken a couple weeks off while we had guests in the house. It was once again time for an old Doctor Who. This time it was a First Doctor story called The Rescue. This is a short little story, only two short episodes. It is basically a transitional episode where a new companion is picked up. So there just really isn’t much to it. The arrive somewhere. Figure out the mystery. Then when they leave they take the orphan teenager from the future with them on their further adventures.

There was a sad part where one of the crew kills a poor innocent monster thing. They were scared. They shot it. Turns out it was friendly. Oops.

And that’s about that for this.

There was nothing horrible about this story, and it was short. Which is much better than the ones that are basically OK, but last far longer than they should. This one was actually paced decently enough. Two short episodes for a total of 50 minutes was still maybe a little longer than it needed, but it wasn’t so far off that one got annoyed.

Well, at least I didn’t.