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June 2024



Where I should be based on the middle of the “normal” range for my height… about 68 kg. The top of the normal range for me is 80 kg. Guess I should start doing whatever I was doing August 2013 through January 2014 again, huh? All it was was walking a little bit more and paying attention to what I ingested and stopping before I was stuffed to capacity. Nothing special. But I stopped doing that. Oops.

For the record, the last time I was under 80 kg was in 2006, and the last time I was under 68 kg was in 2002. Before 1995, at the very beginning of the 20 year chart below, I was actually below 57 kg, the bottom of the normal range for my height. My life time high is when I briefly peaked over 95 kg in 2011.



Alex Mass Doubling Time

It was close yesterday, but as of today based on the overall trend line for Alex’s mass…

Alex has doubled in mass!

Anyway, it looks like he is doubling every 148 days.

Assuming an exponential growth pattern…

His mass will exceed my own when he is 1.8 years old.

His mass will exceed that of the Earth when he is 32.6 years old.

Such a big boy!

(Note that this is of course dependent on the exact methodology I use for drawing the trend line, but I like how I draw the line, so I’ll stick to it! It is better than just looking at today’s reading vs the first one right after he was born… human mass fluctuates and there is non-trivial experimental imprecision, so it is important to look at trends over a bunch of data points, not individual readings. And I’ll be sticking to the idea that his growth will be exponential, even though you can clearly see that the shape of the curve is not exponential. I’m sure that is just an anomaly, and it will become exponential any time now. :-) )

Revamped Self-Tracking Dashboard

Screen shot 2009-10-26 at 00.15.45

Over the weekend (mostly while holding Alex overnight while he was sleeping and later while sitting with Amy while she did homework) I spent some time reworking a lot of the stuff in my personal dashboard. It is much better now than it was 24 hours ago. The main changes are:

  • Switched from showing each chart in three separate time scales to showing each only once, with the default time scale being one year
  • Added the option to easily change the time scale on both the summary view and on the zoomed views of individual graphs
  • Added “spinners” to indicate when a chart is still loading
  • Converted all units to SI Units in cases where those units were not already in use
  • Gave in and made the assumption of standard Earth gravity to convert weight (force) to mass, thus now giving these sorts of measurements in kilograms rather than Newtons. This may lead to incorrect results if I ever take a weight reading in an area with a strong gravitational anomaly present or while not on Earth.
  • Removed the time scale from each individual chart title as it is now clear from the page headings (and of course the date range on the chart)
  • Reworded many of the chart titles to more clearly explain what they are showing, removing most of the obscure abbreviations and acronyms, although I have left a few in places where I desire to be cryptic
  • Slightly modified the vertical height of the zoomed in graphs to make room for the time scale controls
  • Behind the scenes changed the structure of the PHP to factor out the list of charts, making it easier for me to add, remove or reorder charts in the future
  • Removed several old charts that were no longer being updated or which caused performance problems on the page
  • Added several new charts

Anyway, that is it for now. Enjoy my Self Quantified Self-Tracking Dashboard Thingymajig.

[Edit 0:39 UTC for minor text corrections.]