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July 2024

C-Section this Weekend

Doctor says best not to wait until the 21st. C-Section definately
recommended course of action. Exact day and time TBD.

Scheduling Alex’s Arrival

So, we had another doctor visit yesterday.

We now have a schedule based on where things are at the moment. As I posted Thursday, Alex is in the 93rd percentile by weight at the moment. He is also up to the 99th+ percentile for things like the size of his head. He is already 8 pounds 3 ounces (plus or minus 19 ounces of uncertainty in the measurements) and typically at this stage they grow at least half a pound a week. That means that if he comes NOW a natural delivery is probably indicated, but the longer we go, the more prudent a C-Section would be.

The “official” due date based on the tests the doctor likes to trust the most say September 21st. Over the course of the last few months though, we’ve seen tests and calculations giving dates from September 5th (TODAY!) to September 22nd, and Brandy has always been convinced that the real date should be closer to the beginning of that range. So it is certainly a possibility that rather than Alex actually being very big, he is just actually a couple of weeks further along than the due date of the 21st would indicate.

So, here is what things look like at this point given everything we know, and the doctor’s current thoughts…

  • Brandy could go into labor naturally at any time now. If she does go into labor naturally, then there will be an on the fly determination by the doctor based on how things look at that moment on if things should be allowed to proceed normally, or if there should be a C-Section.
  • At this point we have weekly exams, and at each one, based on how things look we will reexamine each time if we should just leave things be, or if we should schedule either inducing labor or a C-Section sooner rather than later. Starting on the 14th we could choose to schedule a delivery at any time. (Prior to that there would need to be a compelling medical reason.)
  • If one of the above has not happened prior to September 21st, we will already have a C-Section scheduled for that date, as the doctor is pretty sure that if the baby has not been born by that point, he will be big enough that a C-Section will definitely be indicated.

And that is where we are…

Oh yeah… we’re set with all the immediate necessities, but if anybody is still wanting to help with anything else: Alex’s Registry