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February 2004

OK, *Now* Kerry is Ahead

OK, with the results of today’s primaries, Kerry *has* pulled ahead on delegates. In the comments to my last post on the delegate count, Randy posted lots of quotes about how Dean was dead, and asserted such himself. I just want to clarify that I was not disputing that fact.

I was complaining about the meta-talk in the media. All about the horserace. It all gets to be self-furfilling prophesy and all that. Everybody keeps hearing about how such and such is the front runner, or such and such is dropping, and people reevaluate their opinions of the candidates based on that sort of thing rather than on which candidates they actually agree with. Shame really.

Some of this would be alleviated if all the primaries were on the same day. But of course that would be less interesting. It would make brokered conventions much more likely though, which would be a REAL blast. I’m still hoping for one this year, but I guess things will probably consolidate like they usually do. We’ll see.

Anyway, I found another delegate total page. I like this graphical chart from CNN. I’ll probably be dropping it in my blogroll on the left and checking it regularly until things are settled. Check it out.

CNN Delegate Scorecard

The information on this page represents the current delegate count for each candidate by state. As candidates drop out, state parties refine their count or assign additional delegates, and unpledged delegates make their preference public, these numbers will be updated.

Political Book Mapping

This is a great analysis. Wish I’d thought of it!! It is tempting to go out and do a similar types of maps on different groupings of books. In any case, check it out. Fun analysis. And it uses graph theory!

Political Patterns on the WWW

I used the political books on the New York Times Bestseller List as a starting point for ‘snowball sampling’. In the network map above, two books are linked if they were bought together. The network is organized and displayed by an algorithm that looks at the pattern of connections and finds the emergent structure. Nodes with only one or two links, and unrelated clusters that had no bridging role, were removed for clarity.

(via BoingBoing)

I Am A Pennsylvanian

A few hours ago I went and took care of the last thing related to my move from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. I had already moved where I slept. And I moved all my stuff. And I got PA plates on my car. I did address changes on all my bills. Today I got a Pennsylvania drivers licence. They actually looked up the old licence I had in Pittsburgh, and I got the same drivers licence number as before. And so here I am, once again completely a resident of the great state of Pennsylvania.

At least for now.

I do regret that I forgot to take a picture of my NJ licence before I turned it in. Drat! Oh well.

But I am now fully Pennsylvanian! I guess. :-)