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February 2004

100 Months of Sam’s Email Top Ten!!!

As many of you know, for the last 100 months I have held a monthly email contest. I kind of can’t believe I’ve been doing this silly thing for a whole 100 months. That is eight years and four months! Wow!

In any case, to celebrate the 100th month of the contest, I took a suggestion made by Rebecca, and created a retrospective on all the winners of the contest during those 100 months. Check it out!

First 100 Months Retrospective

Below is some information on each of the 16 people who over the last 100 months have found themselves at the #1 spot on the monthly email top ten lists.  It is in order by the month the person first made the #1 spot.  Thank you to each and every one of these people for sending email and making my computing life fun over the years.  You guys are all great.  Looking forward to the next 100 months…

If you are reading this, and have not yet won, perhaps now is the time to start sending me more email!

January 2004 Top Ten Posted

A little bit ago I annouced the results to the winners, but they are now public. Here are the results of the January 2004 email top ten contest. (Which was, by the way, the 100th month of the contest!)

January 2004 Top Ten

January was the month that Erica Livingston decided that she really wanted to win the month. She started out the month sending around 30 messages a day. Sometimes less, sometimes more. As the month progressed she started increasing her pace. Then on the 24th of the month she went into overdrive and sent 321 emails in a single day. This compares to the 246 emails she send in ALL of 2003. After that, she started putting the brakes on again as the end of the month approached.