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February 2004

Earpiece Conspiracy

This is kind of funny. Probably just another conspiracy kook, but on the other hand, I could *so* see W doing this! But only in certain situations. Meet the Press is not one of those.

Bush The Articulate – Hearing Voices
(Jay Weidner, Radio Free USA)

Watch the next speech. Notice how he pauses between sentences. His eyes veer robotically left and right. He then begins his next sentence. It is clear to me that these pauses are placed into the speeches on purpose so that the earpiece voice prompter does not get too far ahead of the President. Our beloved President has become an articulate spokesman for the ruinous destruction of our country. Isn’t showbiz grand?

More evidence that Bush wears an earpiece
(Editor, Radio Free USA)

An email to Meet The Press asking whether Bush wore an earpiece during the interview received a lightning quick response from Executive Producer Betsy Fischer: “The President was not wearing an earpiece at any time during the interview.”

(via Anthony Trumbo)

I haven’t actually watched the Meet the Press Interview yet. It is on the Tivo though.

Final 2003 Email Rankings

The complete email results for 2003 have now been posted. This includes not just the top ten for the year, but as usual, the full counts broken down by month for anybody who sent me at least one personal email any time during the year. Enjoy!

Final 2003 Rankings

* I received 23663 personal emails. (Up 124% from 2002)
* On average that is 1972 messages per month, or 65 messages per day
* That email came from 258 different email addresses. (Up 26% from last year!)
* The top ten accounted for 85% of the email. (Up from 81% in 2002)
* 22 addresses made the monthly top tens this year. (Up from 18 in 2002)
* The lowest ranked monthly top ten winner on the annual list was (Ivan Bou) who came in at #25 for the year
* The highest ranked address that never made the monthly lists in 2003 was (Rеni Gorman) who came in at #19 for the year.