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April 2004

The House is Cold

Well, the house is cold. Because after the party Brandy for some reason decided she needed to open all the windows. And the temperature outside dropped into the 50’s. So it got really cold inside for a day or so before I realized and turned up the heat.

In any case, my “house warming / cooling” party came off really well. Brandy spent all week making food and getting things ready and did an awesome job. I feel bad because I was in Florida all week and then with the plane delays and such, I basically didn’t end up helping at all expect for some of the last minute final things.

Rebecca mentioned coming up on her blog…

House Cooling

I’ll be headed to Philadelphia in a couple hours for Sam’s House Cooling Party. After that, it’ll be official, my best quasi-local friend has left me for a job in Florida. Florida ain’t local. I don’t even much care for Florida. Perhaps I’ll put an ad out for a new quasi-local friend: “Must live within four hour driving distance. …

Awww…. I’m sorry for leaving you Rebecca, but I thank you and Chris very much for making the drive up for the party. You were the only long-distance folks to make it, and I really appreciate it. Brandy and I felt bad we couldn’t do anything in the morning before you left… our bad.

We had a good turnout. In addition to Rebecca dnd Chris, Melanie and her husband came, Kelly and her boyfriend. Joy and her husband, Victor and his newlywed wife (two weeks!), Jon and his wife, Aly and his wife and 10 month old son, Emilie and of course Brandy’s mom Leslie. Not too bad for a first try at a party!

I want to thank everybody for coming. I had a good time, and was good to see all of you. And seeing people from different contexts together was interesting! :-) Thanks again!

I’ll probably have another one six months or so after we get settled into a perminant place in Florida. So see you all there! :-)

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