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September 2004

Semi Dark

OK, people have been bugging me and bugging me, and I have been pretty bothered myself by being blogless over the last few months. The problem has been lack of broadband. We tried to get cable installed and failed. Then we tried to get DSL installed and failed. Then it looked like we might move again before too long. Now it looks like it might be a few months yet. So we may try cable again. In the mean time, I figured I’d just unpack the server machine and plug it in again to make sure it was still working and stuff.

So of course, first thing it did was ping dyndns to tell it where it was, and boom, was live again. Of course, it is on a 56K dialup which most likely will not be up 24/7, so it may flip back to the site down message at random times. Not to mention it will be ungodly slow. But it is there. Here. Sort of. I guess I’ll keep it this way for awhile just to see what happens.

Then maybe we’ll go ahead and get cable, or DSL, or something.

If it manages to be up semi-reliably although slow I may start posting again.

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