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February 2005

Not Us

We got some very heavy rains… mostly while Brandy and Amy were at home and I was at work for a Sunday meeting… but just heavy rain. The pool overflowed, but did so as designed out into the grass and not into the house. And we had a little leak in the ceiling over the lanai. The roofers had been back to fix that once before, and will be back to fix it again. Covered under warentee for the new roof installed in December. But anyway, no real damage, just lots and lots of rain. Other people not too far from us were not that lucky….

Five injured, 14 homes damaged in Palm Bay tornado

PALM BAY, Fla. — A tornado touched down Sunday, destroying at least 14 homes and injuring at least five people, city officials said.

One woman was struck by debris as she worked in her yard when the tornado came through shortly before 2 p.m., said city spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez. The woman was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. The other injuries were less serious, Martinez said.

The National Weather Service office in Melbourne confirmed an F1 tornado — with winds of 73 mph to 112 mph — touched down in the Palm Bay area.

2 comments to Not Us

  • Brandy

    The storm today seemed worse than the first hurricane. Crazy. There are a couple of ponds on the golf course that were not there before, and at one point the water was about an inch deep on the covered porch (even though there is a slight angle for drainage) because the rain was blowing almost horizontal.

    Wind whipping the trees and the rain coming down in sheets, it was beautiful. A little scary, but beautiful.

  • Abulsme

    The roof over the lanai doesn’t like it when it rains. Good thing the roof is still under warentee. Of course, they have eben here multiple times and it is worse, not better. Grr!

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