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February 2006

Sad to Head Home

I’m leaving for the airport in mere minutes to head home to Florida for the weekend again. Unfortunately, it will be a sad trip home this time. (See the second paragraph here.) But it is needed. Sigh.

All Better at School

Brandy called this morning to let me know she had just gotten out of the parent teacher conference for this grading period. She was all prepared to go in fighting again. But instead… it was all positive. The teacher said Amy was doing very well, that everything that had been a problem earlier in the year no longer is, and that she is doing great. A’s in Math and Science. A strong B in reading (her weak area) but that is a strong improvement and is still getting better. And she is much mroe organized than before. She is getting things done. She is turning things in. In fact she is finishing what she needs to do well before the time allowed and is asking for more. (Which is what we’ve told her to do when she is assigned something she thinks is boring and stupid, rather than not do it because it was stupid and boring, which is what she often used to do.) In any case, she is doing great.

We are very seriously looking at private schools for next year in Seattle. The public school gifted programs are on a waiting list, and assuming we apply now, it might well be over a year before she actually got in. And the reports we have been able to find on public school quality in the area are pretty uneven. There are however a number of good private schools. Brandy is in the process of getting all the applications in right now. The deadlines for most of them were in January, but all of them we have called have said since we are just moving to the area now, they will wait for our applications and consider them. They are all very expensive though. Brandy is filling out the forms to apply for financial aid too, but we may or may not get anything significant there. We have to plan as if we’d have to pay out of pocket. If we don’t get into the schools we want, we’ll fall back on the public school system. But if we get in, we’ll figure out how to make it work. That expense might very well balance off most if not all of any financial benefit gained from the new job and certainly would reconfirm the fact that we will be picking a place to live that is much lower on the budget scale.

But you know, it is just a question of priorities. Making sure Amy is in a setting where she will be able to thrive and do well and succeed is critical, and trumps most ofther concerns. Rebecca posted a few days ago about changes to priorities and perspectives that occur after becoming a parent (see here). Her’s was in a very different context, and I was suddenly the parent of a 3rd grader (now 5th grader) and I missed the baby years, but same sorts of things. Priorities about how you spend time, and how you spend money, what matters and what does not… just change completely. And that is OK. Not only OK, but good.

Very proud of Amy this morning.