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February 2006

Another Day

Well, I made it to Atlanta. But because of weather delays my flight into Atlanta didn’t get into the gate until boarding was already done for my flight to Seattle. I am now rerouted to a flight to Salt Lake City (after a four hour layover here in Atlanta…) then once I get to Salt Lake a 3 hour lay over before I catch a flight to Seattle from there. Fun. I am very tired too.

They really should have those napping pod things like I’ve heard they have in Japan. I’d pay $20 to have a nice private little pod thing to sleep for the next few hours with an alarm set to ring an hour before my flight or something. Yes, that would be cool.

I could have gotten a direct Atlanta to Seattle, but instead of waiting here four hours in the Atlanta airport, I would have had to wait seven hours, and at least by the scheduled time, it would have gotten there later anyway. Yawn!

Anyway, this will mean I miss work entirely Monday (although I may try to do some things remotely while I am at airports, I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to get done… this wireless at the Atlanta airport sucks and keeps cutting out). I’ll end up getting back to Seattle something like 21 hours later than originally scheduled.

Another Night

Got to the airport Sunday to catch the plane back to Seattle. Canceled. Bad weather in Atlanta where I would have been changing planes it seems. They put me on the first flight in the morning. So I have one more night here and will miss some of the work day on Monday. I don’t mind the extra time here at all of course. But at the same time, I’m trying not to miss too much work while I’m still in my first month!