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February 2006

Cronus has Shipped

I’ve been checking my order status page at least daily, sometimes more. As of my checks yesterday, they still said they expected Cronus to ship on March 1st and arrive by March 8th. (I’d just gotten regular shipping.) That’s what it had said ever since the moment I ordered it.

Well, a little over an hour ago, I unexpectedly got an email letting me know that it had indeed shipped and was on the way. It has just been picked up by FedEx in Shanghai, China. According to the email from Apple, it should arrive here in Seattle on the 14th. That would be Tuesday. Woo!!!!

Of course, this is earlier than expected, so I am not actually fully prepared. I had expected to be in a real apartment and with broadband access before I got it. So I didn’t get the external modem dongle thing. I should be able to use Bluetooth DUN on my cellphone, but then of course when I was online I would not be able to use my phone. So I may have to make a run to the Apple Store this weekend for one of those modem dongles, so I can keep dialing up at 56k until I do move into a real apartment and have broadband and all. It will be a shame to run a nice new machine like that on a 56k Internet connection… but I’ll manage. :-)

It is on the way! Woo!

Scatterbrandy Returns

For the first time in many months, Brandy is driven to post on her blog.

There is a time…
(Brandy Donaghy, Drunken Sailor)

So I understand that there is a time for everything, and that there is a REASON for everything. And we don’t always understand the reasons. Whether it’s a single omnipotent entity, a matrix of energies, a whole flock of lesser dieties, or just a few mostly insane highly intelligent beetles from the fourth galazy to the left who have had a few extra doses of their meds, somehow, us mere mortals lare left to just accept it and live with it. In any case it’s bulls**t. I have had the crappiest last few months and so I am really leaning toward the alien bug theory. Unless that is, I care to fall back on the spiteful child’s toy morble thing…

Read the whole thing.

I only wish her inspiration had not come this way. It has been a very rough few months indeed. :-(

Travel Agent is to Kayak as Real Estate Agent is to X

This is very cool.

2 Web Sites Push Further Into Services Real Estate Agents Offer
(Damon Darlin, New York Times)

Two real estate Web sites are starting to offer services that could change the way real estate is bought and sold online.

One site,, which will be introduced today, will help consumers obtain more accurate real estate sales information — to the consternation of some real estate agents.

A smaller site,, introduced an unusual new service last week that might be even more disruptive to the real estate industry: the feature automates the process of bidding on a house online.

(via Memeorandum)

I think Zillow is overvaluing our home by a little bit though (based on conversations we have had recently with an agent about the current slowdown in the market). I would of course be very pleased if that was not true. :-)

The other site (RedFin) is starting out in the Seattle area, so maybe we’ll check it out some too.

At a Snail’s Pace

The little snail that could – Snails are faster than ADSL

Calculations that were conducted after the experiment, explicitly proved that in spite of the relatively, very slow, speed of the biological carriers, the Snap system succeeded in transferring data faster than any other conventional technologies, existing today.

(via BoingBoing)