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March 2006

DVD: Doctor Who: The Claws of Axos

imageWhile Brandy Amy and I were together, we took the opportunity to watch another Doctor Who. We started in Florida and finished in Washington. A 3rd Doctor episode from spring of 1971. Still before I was born, but not by much. This time it was the turn of The Claws of Axos. It has the Master in it, which is always fun. And some gold people. And some big orange blobby things that look like someone with a blanket over their heads… oh yes, because it IS people with blankets over their heads!

This is an OK Doctor Who I guess, but not outstanding. They seem to be waiting longer to release on DVD the ones that are real classics. Taking longer to restore them and such I guess. And of course we have yet to reach the 4th Doctor, who was my favorite, although I kinda liked the 5th and 7th too.

But this had some good stuff. When the Doctor decided it was time to escape, even if it mean going with the Master. Good stuff. Lets see, better than Spearhead from Space, the last one we watched. And I think better than the Mind Robber, the one before that. But The Seeds of Death, from before that, was better than this. I think the whole trapped on Earth thing they did with the first few seasons of the 3rd Doctor never really worked. The next DVD we’ll watch is the one where he finally gets to leave though.

We need to pick up the pace on the Doctor Who episodes. I want to make sure Amy sees some of the original Sarah Jane Smith episodes and K9 before we hit the new Sarah Jane and K9 episode that’s coming up for the 10th Doctor… I’m sure they’ll make it so you don’t NEED the background, but it will be more fun with I am sure. The whole being in different states though makes it tough though.

Oh, and for those of you who didn’t see it when it was new, it starts up this Friday on the SciFi Channel here in the US. Of course, they’ll add commercials to it and probably mess up some editing to make it fit right in the time slot, but OK. Also, I’m sure it will not do as well in ratings as it would have, because I’m sure most folks who were die-hard and really wanted to see it already have. So after they show last year’s episodes I won’t be holding my breath for this year’s episodes to be promptly available or anything. But it will be there. I won’t pretend it is not an acquired taste though, especially for Americans. This new version is quite the hit right now over in the UK though and is doing quite well in the ratings. So who knows, but…

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