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April 2006

Police Chase

Was just in the parking lot talking on the phone with Brandy for a few minutes, when I saw a police car pull up on the street outside our parking lot, then two officers got out and quickly headed down the steep hill underneath the bridge that is right across from our building. Moments later a helicopter was also circling.

Went upstairs to find out what is going on. So far I just found a one sentence blurb:


Seattle Police are searching for a rape suspect in an area near 12th and Dearborn. The SWAT team and King County’s Guardian One helicopter have been called in.

12th is the bridge. Dearborn must be one of the streets underneath the bridge. I didn’t see anything more than the officers running down the hill and then later a quick glimpse of them methodically walking through a grassy area down the hill.

And I probably won’t see any more since I am now back upstairs in my office and have things to do. But still… a moment of excitement for the day.

3 comments to Police Chase

  • Brandy

    As in King?

  • Abulsme

    Yes, as in King.

    KING (Channel 5) and KONG (Channel 16) are sister stations owned by the same company. KING is the NBC affiliate in Seattle. KONG is an independant station.

    By the way, an update to the “situation” earlier today is now online:

    Police end search for Seattle rape suspect

  • Abulsme

    Looks like that link requires registration at least some of the time. Bugmenot is your friend. In any case, since they block it, here is the full text:

    SEATTLE – Police called off a search for a rape suspect in Seattle’s International District Thursday at noon after they were unable to find him.

    A SWAT team and King County’s Guardian One helicopter were called in after a woman told police she was sexually assaulted by the man who held a gun to her head near 12th and Dearborn.

    The suspect was described as an Asian male in his 40’s, 5’7”, last seen wearing a denim suit and armed with a silver handgun.

    Police searched an area known as “The Jungle,” a densely wooded area at the base of Beacon Hill.

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