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November 2006


OK, Montana and Virginia have not yet officially been called. But the Dem is leading by a decent margin in Montana. And the Dem is leading in Virginia too. It wil be close enough that Allen will be able to request a recount if he wants, but probably enough of a margin so a recount won’t end up making a difference. So, there may be a surprise yet… but as of right now that looks like what will happen.

So, looks like the 49-49-2 split actually happens. Very nice. It would be far more interesting if the two independants were really and truly independant, and were able to force “interesting” arrangements. But even as it is… it will be a fun next two years I think.

I am on the couch sandwiched between a sleeping dog on one side and a sleeping daughter on the other. It isn’t exactly comfortable… but it is nice to have them both here. I think I will have to adjust my position soon though.

I was trying to stay awak at least until they offically call Montana, but last I heard mentioned, it sounds like it could be a few more hours yet. So maybe that won’t happen. Even though I’m on the west coast, it is still pretty late now. Sleep is sounding good…. If I can find a position here where I can get comfortable without disturbing the daughter or the dog…

6 comments to 49-49-2

  • matt

    why are elections held in november? why on a tuesday? why the first tuesday after the first monday?
    quick…no research….

  • Abulsme

    No looking it up? Damn it!

    November… because it allowed a full four months to get all the results tabulated and let the winners travel from wherever they were to Washington at a time when travel was harder than it is now. (Back when new terms started in March as well… moved to January in the early 20th century.)

    Why on a Tuesday…. I don’t know, but if I’d have to guess I’d guess it was had to do with which days of the week people were most available a couple centuries ago.

    Why the first tuesday after the first monday? No idea. Just a convienient way to picK?

    Can I do research now? :-)

  • matt

    sure…go ahead and do the research. i came across a “fact about election day” article yesterday and thought i’d pose the questions to you. so go ahead and check it out so you can see how close/far you were to the answer. it’s rather interesting…

  • Abulsme

    And here I was waiting cause I thought you’d just give the answers…

  • matt

    if you teach a man to fish…

  • Abulsme

    Then you get lots of bacon?

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