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November 2006

CNN Simplifies for the Dummies

CNN pisses me off. (What’s new?) For the first few hours of the evening they were doing it correctly and had 2 seats in the Senate in the “I” row. Sanders and Lieberman. About half an hour ago they moved the two of them to the “D” row.

Now, yes, both of them will caucus with the Democrats and will end up counting toward the Dems taking control of the Senate if that ends up happening… but it is just plain not accurate. The reason to do this is of course so you can tell which party will end up controling the senate just by looking at the “R” and “D” rows, without having to know what to do with the “I”‘s.

In other words, to help stupid people figure out what is going on without having to explain it. Even if it means what you show is actually untrue.

Reminds me why I hardly ever watch CNN any more.


Maybe they will “correct” it later in the evening, but I am not holding my breath.

2 comments to CNN Simplifies for the Dummies

  • ivanbou

    You remember the day I almost threw the TV out the window in Pittsburgh, when they replaced the International Hour with that damn Style show?

  • Abulsme

    Indeed. And it has only gotten worse. I used to actually keep the TV on CNN for hours on end. Now I will only ever consider going there when there is breaking news. And even then, I tend to be at the others more often.

    This election, for the first half of the evening, I had the Tivo set to filter guide date for only “News” programs, and I was flipping between news coverage on all the various channels. It was a couple hours before I realized I was missing CNN completely, because their guide data for their election coverage did not classify the program as “News”.

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