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December 2006

DVD: The Usual Suspects

Yesterday I considered commenting some on the Saddam Execution but my heart just isn’t in it. So I’ll just leave that be and comment on one more DVD. This will be the 13th and probably last DVD of 2006 for me. (Not counting repeats, there was one DVD I watched on my own earlier in the year then watched again with Brandy recently, but it only gets counted and posted once.) So I averaged about 1.1 DVDs a month. I probably need to step that speed up a bit for that Netflix membership to be worth it. Oh well.

In any case, The Usual Suspects… For the first part of the movie I was a little bit bored, and I will admit, a bit confused as well. The characters all merged together in my mind. I wasn’t sure what was present and what was flashback. It was all a bit of a muddle. But my head got wrapped around things about midway, and I began to just enjoy it. And it was fun. The confusion was intentional of course. You’re supposed to gradually get revealed what is going on, up until the very end.

Basically, I watched this movie because back at Merrill Lynch, a coworker of mine used Keyser Söze as an IM screen name. I had no idea what it was other than it had to do with this movie. Years later, I finally now know “Who is Keyser Söze?”. So my cultural knowledge is complete. Well… OK, maybe not quite. :-)

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