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NAACP Dem Debate, Anybody Got?

I’m trying to catch up on my viewing of the presidential debates. So far I’ve watched:

  • 26 Apr 2007 – Dem debate at South Carolina State University
  • 3 May 2007 – Rep debate at the Reagan Library
  • 15 May 2007 – Rep debate at the University of South Carolina
  • 3 Jun 2007 – Dem debate at St. Anselm College
  • 5 Jun 2007 – Rep debate at St. Anselm College
  • 28 Jun 2007 – Dem debate at Howard University

The next one in order would be the 12 Jul 2007 Dem debate at the NAACP convention but my Tivo missed it and I can’t find it anywhere online…

Oh, wait… never mind.

It is too late today. But maybe I’ll watch this tomorrow. I gotta catch up on these things! To catch up to real time, I’ve got to watch 7 more of these! There have been quite a lot this year!

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