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September 2007

DVD: Doctor Who: The Beginning: Disk 3

It was time for another one of these this weekend, so we watched the third and final disk from this three disk set. This has the story The Edge of Destruction which is the third story every produced. It was a short two episode “filler” story.

And it was very odd. And it had the actors trying to act odd. Which just came off as bad acting. It is 100% set within the TARDIS and with just the four main characters talking to each other and acting dazed, confused and paranoid.

It is pretty laughable. And not memorable really. Most of the other First Doctor episodes I’d at least heard enough about in the past to know what to expect. Not really true of this one. Sure, I’d seen it in episode guides and such, but I didn’t have any preconceived ideas coming in.

And going out, I’ll probably forget it pretty quickly, other than “that silly odd little story with no point”. I guess it did drive forward the relationship of the characters a little bit. A little bit. It also showed more rooms of the TARDIS than are generally seen. I guess that is a good thing.

Google Flight Sim

Very cool:

Google Earth Flight Simulator
(Marco’s Blog)

Some time last week, Google expanded Google Earth with Google Sky. As fascinating as Google Sky is, that’s not the focus of this post. Along with the latest update comes a hidden feature of which I cannot seem to find any other information about. It’s not in the release notes and a search on Google produces no results. Seems Google have done one of their unpublicised updates they’re becoming well-known for.

What I’m talking about is a flight simulator embedded within GE. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? If the thought amazes you as much as it did me, then might have run off and tried it for yourself. But there’s a problem. Remember what I said above – it’s a hidden feature!

First of all you’ll have to install the latest version of GE. Once you’ve started it all up, explored Google Sky a bit, then all you have to do is hit Ctrl+Alt+A (if you’re running OS X it’s Command+Option+A).

(via Techmeme)

I’d been thinking for awhile that if X-Plane was combined with Google Earth how awesome that would be. This isn’t quite that. The flight sim is pretty basic. But still fun. This is how scenery in those things should look… Cool.