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September 2007

Planning for Load

Looks like the little service that was supplying those map widget thingies I posted about yesterday and put up elsewhere on the site earlier today has fallen over and died under the increased load of all the people trying out the map thingy. Or something. gives a nice little PHP information summary page rather than their website, and just isn’t answering at all any more. Cool.

I guess they got a bit too much traffic a bit too fast and melted their servers. Oops.

I’ll leave their stuff up on my site for the moment assuming they will recover. If they don’t by the time I get home tonight, maybe I’ll comment out their stuff until they come back.

Hmmm… the maps one just answered… just REALLY slow and not quite functional. Maybe they are on the way back. That would be cool. I like the map thingy.

Pandora Rises

The first (bad) picture of Amy with Pandora. Pandora is the chosen name of the new iMac. Seems appropriate in a variety of ways. Pandora is now busily transferring stuff from Amy’s account on Cronus. In the meantime Cronus (and thus the webcam and AbulWiki) are down. This will probably last a few hours. She has 30 gig of stuff to move. Not as bad as when I moved from Zeus to Cronus, but still plenty!

Then after that stuff is all moved, I have a few other things I’ll be setting up. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it all done before TOO late tonight. I have a meeting at 15 UTC today, so I’ll have to be up even earlier than that. I suspect even if this all gets done, it will be a day relatively light on sleep. This migration process takes forever, and then after that’s done I’ll probably be messing with it for a couple of hours before everything is set how I want it to be to hand over to her.

Anyway… we’re in process.

Adventures of the Second Cousin

John Donaghy, a second cousin once removed of Brandy’s… see, since I’m been doing that genealogy stuff I’ve got that terminology down… is having some adventures in Honduras…

Eye of the Storm
(John Donaghy, Hermano Juancito)

The crowd was ugly, obviously whipped into a fury. At one point they opened the back door of the van and began shouting and hitting the floor. It was a very tense moment but I took a picture. Looking at it later many of the people didn’t appear to be angry, but appeared as if they were just “having fun” by trying to terrify us. This was my first experience of a real mob and it was ugly. The police intervened and closed the door. The police slowly opened up a path for us, even while the mob banged on the windows. But as we slowly progressed, we noticed several people walking beside the van. The people from the blockade were walking beside the van. They had come to protect their bishop. What courage!

As we left the bishop said that he had thought of getting out of the car. Thank God he didn’t; he would probably have been beaten, at the very least.

I was a little shaken up – but more than that I have a sense of gratitude for having had the chance to accompany the bishop, the human rights office, and the people.

He’s been posting a few times a month since he left Iowa for Honduras. It is interesting reading.