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September 2007

13148.7192 Days

As I type it is seven hours and a couple of minutes until the exact time I’ll be exactly 36 years old. It will happen at 14:13:38 UTC today. That’s 7:13:38 AM Pacific, 10:13:38 AM Eastern. Wow, I sure am old. I’ll probably be asleep when the exact moment hits. At least that is the plan.

Month of Google Reader

I’ve been using Google reader for slightly over a month now, so I can now look at the monthly stats and have them mean something. I’ve been “sharing” every article that I actually read most or all of rather than just skimming past based on the headline. So, here are the top 10 sources I’ve been reading over the last month:

  1. Gizmodo
  2. The Daily Dish
  3. Digg
  4. The Huffington Post
  5. BoingBoing
  6. Talking Points Memo
  7. Engadget
  8. Think Progress
  9. The Corner
  10. The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Of course, those 10 account for 44% of the items I read. So there is still a lot form other sources as well. But those were the biggest ones this last month.

Also interesting is that there are a bunch in this group (and also in the next 10) that I didn’t read at all before I was reading via Google Reader rather than actually going to the websites. The highest ranking of these is Huffington Post. I can’t stand the website. I would never go there. But via RSS, I’ve obviously found a few things I thought were worth reading.

Anyway, interesting.