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September 2008

Ventura 2012?

I was a bit bored by the Republican Convention tonight, although Thompson was fiery and Lieberman was… Lieberman. But this little bit caught my eye a little earlier…

Ventura Visits Planet Paul
(Stephen Spruiell, The Corner, 2 Sep 2008)

Jesse Ventura just electrified the crowd at the Ron Paul convention. He started by saying that he hadn’t given a political speech in a long time, but that he felt that this was the occasion to come out of retirement. He encouraged the crowd to boo him if they felt like it, because as a former wrestling villain, he took booing as a sign of affection.

Ventura closed by saying, “I just came out with a book called Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me. Well, I’m here.” The crowd roared. “I’m here, and believe me, with people like myself, Dr. Paul, and all the rest of us, let’s get the revolution going.”

He added, “If I see it, over the next few years, and this country shows me that it’s worth it to me to do it, maybe in 2012…” The crowd went wild again.

So you heard it here first, America. If you show Jesse Ventura that it’s worth his time, he promises that, “In 2012, we’ll give them a race they’ll never forget.”

Wait… did he just announce he was running for President in 2012? Or at least he is thinking about it? If so, he really should have run for Senate in this cycle to prepare… but in any case, we’re still in the midst of THIS election cycle. Is it too early to start getting excited about 2012? I’d pay money to watch a presidential debate with a Republican, a Democrat, and Jesse Ventura on stage. That would have to be almost as good as the three way debates with Ross Perot back in the day.

Run Jesse Run!!

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