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April 2009

Curmudgen’s Corner: The Big Lip Thing

Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • Ivan and his Dog, clicking on things
  • Hotelicopter
  • Space Tourism
  • CyberSpys
  • Conflicker
  • G20 Protesters
  • Republican Budget Plan
  • Health Care and Education
  • A Few Quickies
  • Real Time Comparison Shopping

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2 comments to Curmudgen’s Corner: The Big Lip Thing

  • gregh

    It’s Conficker. No el. I won’t nitpick some of the details.

    I’m not entirely clear on how charging people with crimes who wrote legal memos has anything to do with returning to the rule of law. (I gather you were referring to the Spanish investigations; I know of no active US criminal investigations, as it’s not even clear what those charges would be.) Under the rule of law, surely it should be those who ordered and those who executed acts of torture, not those who wrote opinions on the legality of torture. Lawyers write opinions. Sometimes those opinions are right. Sometimes they’re wrong. Often times, right and wrong changes. However, unless those memos ordered torture, going after the lawyers for anything other than professional misconduct strikes me as nothing more than continued pettiness.

    Now, there must be something to say for the sound effects. I just don’t know what those words are.

  • Abulsme

    As has been my habit of late, rather than responding here, Ivan and I will respond in the next podcast we record. Which will not be the next one released, which has already been recorded, but the next one after that.

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