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December 2009


The last movie night was a Brandy movie. The movie is Equilibrium. She couldn’t remember having actually added this to her queue and said she had never actually even heard of the movie. She thought maybe she added it just because it had Christian Bale in it.

The best description of this thing is an attempted rip off of The Matrix combined with the 1984 Commercial from Apple. Basic plot is that there is a Big Brotheresque government (except it is “Father”) that has used drugs to eliminate emotion from the populace in order to avoid war, etc. There is a sort of police force that enforces this. One of them misses his meds one day, then decides to fight against the system. The usual sort of hijinks ensue, with a predictable final result.

This was not a good movie. At best it was a distraction for a couple of hours. There were some parts that were unintentionally amusing. The big final battle thing was pretty anti-climactic. There were lots of plot holes. Etc. But you know, whatever.

Brandy wanted to stop watching at a certain point in the movie where they started shooting puppies. But we didn’t stop, we kept going.

I dunno. I didn’t hate it. But it is definitely forgettable. And there is definitely no need to ever see this again.

2 comments to Equilibrium

  • From CB via Facebook:

    I’m part of the way through THX 1138 (watching from exercise bike) sounds like there may be some thematic similarities…

    (18 minutes ago)

  • From SM via Facebook:

    I’ve actually never seen that one. Just added it to my Netflix queue. I’ll get to it some year. :-)

    (2 seconds ago)

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