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January 2010

Four Months in the World

A day after my Four Years in the Jungle post, it is time to note that a little less than five minutes after I make this post, at 10:35 UTC (2:35 AM Pacific, 5:35 AM Eastern) Alex will turn four months old. (Keeping in mind of course that a “true” month is 30.4368499 days… :-) )

As with last month, I’ll let Alex share a few of his thoughts on this milestone. This time his comments were recorded during a video chat he was having with his Grandmother B at around 3:45 UTC on the 9th.

He would like to add that over the last month he has gotten to really like his mushy foods in addition to his milk… especially that apple stuff… that he really can figure out how to get the spoon in his mouth by himself, and he prefers it when we let him try, even if he sometimes (OK, often) misses his mouth. He likes his toys quite a bit thank you and he really doesn’t understand why it seems we can’t always understand what he is saying when he talks. He also appreciates the help standing and stepping, because although he’s working on it, he doesn’t quite have those things down yet, but practices whenever he can. Oh, and he particularly enjoys pulling his sister’s hair. That makes him laugh.

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