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March 2010

Grandma S meets Alex

2010 Feb 21 04:45 UTC

(Grandma S was very self-concious about which pictures including her were posted online, providing a list of pictures that were "OK". This picture was not on that list so I had to blur her out… so she isn’t "really" in the picture… even though it looks silly. I am being sure to make my choices of which pictures to post uninfluenced by the list she sent, not looking at the list until after I have chosen that I am going to post something, then if it isn’t on the approved list I will just crop her out if I can or blur her face out of the picture if cropping doesn’t work well.)

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  • matt

    it’s like the potato-face people from Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

  • Now added to my Netflix queue…

  • From CS via Facebook:

    Alex is a beautiful boy. Much as I might like to be his grandmother, though, I can’t claim that honor. Besides, who wants a grandmother that looks like she’s in the Witness Protection Program?

    (March 8 at 12:46pm)

  • From SM via Facebook:

    Heh. Well, you *can* claim the honor as it were, it has been given. We are a family that tends to dispense with the “step-” and “half-” and other prefixes.

    I have always, and always will consider Cynthia my sister, not worrying about the technically correct “half-sister” nomenclature.

    Similarly, as far as any of us are concerned, I am Amy’s father (or dad) rather than a more technically correct “step-father”, or, since we have yet to actually deal with any of the legalities, the even more technically correct “mother’s boyfriend”.

    By those same lines, you are very much one of Alex’s Grandmothers in all the ways that count (and one of Amy’s as well I should point out), and that in no way diminishes the importance of the other Grandmothers. It is an additive thing, not a zero-sum game. In fact, since we unfortunately lost Brandy’s father a few years ago, it brings Alex’s grandparent total back up to the proper four.

    I know the title may seem strange, but we hope you will accept it in the positive way it is intended. We consider you an integral part of the family, not just as the person who happens to be my dad’s wife.

    I can of course switch to the technically correct “Step-Grandmother” if you really don’t like Grandma… I guess I’ll use that for the next picture… :-)

    As for the witness protection program, Brandy tells me I have an email from you in my inbox that I haven’t gotten to yet because I’ve been way behind on email that boils down to you preferring me not to blur you out when I use the pictures which are not on your list, so there shall be no more blurring. Yea!

    Apologies in any confusion about all of that, I realize I may have caused consternation by being unclear in some of my communications.

    (2 seconds ago)

  • From SM via Facebook:

    And apologies for posting this picture at all. It was the FIRST MEETING though, and I felt I had to post it, and I thought it was a nice picture, but it wasn’t on your list, and that was really frustrating to me. And I had already emailed you with the procedure I would use (pick a picture, then check your list, then crop if possible, then blur if not) and so I also felt I needed to stick to that. The next picture I want to post (one of the ones of you and Alex watching fish) is not on your list either. I will just skip it and not post it rather than cropping or blurring, both of which would take a nice picture and make it look silly.

    (2 seconds ago)

  • From SM via Facebook:

    I guess one more thing, If you really would rather be just “Cathy” we can of course do that. But we’d love it if you would accept the honor of being one of the Grandmothers.

    (2 seconds ago)

  • From CS via Facebook:

    Sam –
    Thou dost protest too much. I will be to Alex whatever you want me to be. He is a delight.

    (Fri at 10:37pm)

  • From SM via Facebook:


    (2 seconds ago)

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