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June 2010

No. No. No. No Depp Doctor.

I can’t even begin to imagine how bad an idea this is.

Johnny Depp playing the Doctor in a big-screen Doctor Who movie?
(Charlie Anders, io9, 2010 Jun 29)

It sounds like a ridiculous internet rumor. But Tor.Com claims to have confirmed the casting, and a release date of 2012, with “movie studio sources.” (They don’t say which studio.) And Russell T. Davies may be the writer.

They say take it with a few pounds of salt, so I will.

11 comments to No. No. No. No Depp Doctor.

  • From DG via Facebook:

    I’m not a big Dr. Who person (more from lack of familiarity than anything else -I know the very bare facts and that’s it), but I have to admit: I’m not really surprised Johnny Depp’s doing this.

    13 hours ago

  • From RL via Facebook:

    I don’t see anything that startling about that — Johnny Depp is versatile, his range in the ‘quirky’ arena is pretty broad.

    13 hours ago

  • From JS via Facebook:

    Sam, I’m with you. Not everything he does is great – I hated Alice and don’t even get me started about Dead Man. Please no….

    12 hours ago

  • From GH via Facebook:

    If they can make the A-Team into a movie, surely they can do lesser TV fare, as well.

    12 hours ago

  • From JS via Facebook:

    Good point – but really wanted to see the A-Team without Mr. T? I pity the fool!

    12 hours ago via Email

  • From WM via Facebook:

    IMO they should’ve gotten the woman who played Starbuck in the new BSG to play Face, just so they could make that same joke in the opening credits.

    (about an hour ago)

  • From SM via Facebook:

    @DG: I can kind of see how it might fit into the kind of things he does, but I still think it would be a bad idea.

    @RL: Well, I don’t particularly like Depp anyway, but the biggest problem with this idea isn’t him particularly, it is the idea of potentially doing a movie outside the continuity of the TV series (which would almost have to happen if you cast a new actor unless you were going to burn a regeneration just for the purpose of a movie). Now, I know they actually did that back in the 60’s with Peter Cushing, but it would bother me if they did that sort of thing again. Also, he is an American, and that would just be wrong.

    @GH: It would be a different story if the show had been off the air for years and they were doing a complete reboot. Given that they already restarted the TV series, and were very careful about making it a continuation of the older version rather than a reboot, doing a parallel reboot would suck. And doing contortions to tie a new actor into what was happening on TV and make them actually sync would probably also suck.

    @MW: Yes, I agree, that would have been cool. It might have even made me want to see that movie. :-)

    2 seconds ago

  • From SM via Facebook:

    Oh, and @JS: Thanks for agreeing with me! :-)

    (2 seconds ago)

  • From SM via Facebook:

    Oh, and finally, it does look like the chances of this rumor being true are pretty small, which is a good thing.

    2 seconds ago

  • Bob Kuszewski

    I’m of two minds:

    1. Doctor Who movie! Yay!
    2. Johnny Depp? He’d make an awesome bad guy for the doctor to futz with, but he’s too good at the creepy super-flawed mentally unstable lead rather than the doctor. I’d use my tardis to get a young Robin Williams to do it! :)

  • Hi Bob!

    I’d be OK with a movie in general, as long as it is nicely tied into the TV show.

    And yeah, let these high profile American actor types come in as bad guys. That works much better. :-)

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