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October 2010

Amy has a Permit!

To drive that is… With an adult in the car… Which will happen in some parking lot later tonight I guess!

3 comments to Amy has a Permit!

  • From RMB via Facebook:

    not easy to teach somebody you know – and love – hope she has access to a driving class taught by a regular driving teacher.

    Yesterday at 2:13am

  • From KW via Facebook:

    yes teaching a love one is hard….kris and i was sooo bad i got a friend to teach her…a mva volunteer…lol….but jake was wonderful listen to everything i said and folow the instruction. wow how kids can be different!!!!! good luck and safe driving…ps kris’ was a good kid…the driving thing is what went

    13 hours ago

  • From SM via Facebook:

    Amy is enrolled in a Driver’s Ed program, otherwise she’d have to wait for 15 and a half for the permit instead of just 15. The arrangement we have is that the since the Driver’s Ed course only covers Automatic Transmissions, they are doing that (and rules of the road, all that sort of thing) and I am doing a Manual Transmission, since she NEEDS to be able to drive my car (a stick shift) as well as Brandy’s (an automatic). Of course, the reality is we went out in my car before her first class, and she has weeks and weeks of classroom instruction before Driver’s Ed gets her behind the wheel.

    Meanwhile, we spent an hour Friday night driving around an empty parking lot a little ways from our house, followed by letting her drive home and park in the driveway. She did very very well. :-)

    So far so good. :-)

    2 seconds ago

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