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January 2011

Wedding Invitation for TODAY

OK, the quick version first: Brandy and I will finally be making it official and getting married. TODAY. More specifically, we will do it at 22:00 UTC (2 PM Pacific, 5 PM Eastern). We will attempt to stream it live for anybody who may want to watch. I’ll post an embedded version at You’ll also be able to find it at If all goes well of course. I could screw the whole thing up and nobody will see anything.

Longer version. Brandy was finally divorced on August 11th 2010. We finally got around to getting a marriage license this past Monday. My mom, who is also a minister, arrived in town on Tuesday. On Thursday we asked her if she would marry us while she was in town. On Friday we made sure we had the required number of witnesses (who will be a couple of my cousins who also live in the Seattle area). My mom leaves town Sunday, so we’ll do this on Saturday. Today. In the next 14 hours, Brandy and I still need to figure out exactly what will go into the ceremony itself, what we’ll say, etc. We intend to be fairly minimalist, not much more than what is required by law, so it will probably be very short, but there will still be some words said. We’ll do it in our living room. It will be very informal. We won’t be dressing up. There won’t be a big party afterwards. (Although those of us in the room will probably go eat somewhere right afterwards.) We basically just see this as letting our legal status catch up with what has been the reality on the ground for quite a few years now. We’re going to try to live stream it because there may be a few people who would like to see it. And I think it would be neat. If it works. I’ll also just take a normal video to put online at a later date that will likely be better quality and the like than the live stream, which will probably be pretty marginal quality wise. But for those who want to watch, there ya go. As I mentioned in the short version, I’ll try to post the embedded feed and the link again shortly before we start.

If any of you do decide to drop by and watch, we would of course be honored. Thank you. :-)

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