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July 2012

@abulsme Updates from 2012-07-25 (UTC)

  • Mom just left heading back to Ohio. Nice staycation over. Back to the normal routine starting… Now! Uh… Or maybe in the morning. :-) #
  • RT @danfrakes: It’s official: Mountain Lion tomorrow. (From Apple’s financials PR.) #
  • RT @ppppolls: For the first time ever in our weekly national tracking for @DKElections Obama doesn't lead- tied at 47: #
  • MT @JohnJHarwood: Huge diff in NBC/WSJ poll among 300 cell phone resp (Obama +13) and landline resp (Obama +3). Reflects O edge among young #
  • MT @MarkDice: More people die every year from slipping in the shower than from mass shooting sprees. Do you want more shower regulations? #
  • Reading – How Much Will the Supreme Court's Obamacare Decision Cost the Federal Government? (Kevin Drum) #
  • Reading – Uninsured Aurora shooting victims face financial devastation (Xeni Jardin) #
  • Reading – Al Qaeda Insinuating Its Way Into Syria’s Conflict (Rod Nordland) #
  • Reading – State and National Polls Tell Different Tales About State of Campaign (Nate Silver) #
  • Reading – Compliance At Swordpoint Is Still Compliance (Ken from Popehat) #
  • Reading – Prediction: Romney Will Not be the Republican Nominee (Paul Abrams) #

Mom Visit Tuesday

Almost done with Tut (Photo from Mom)

Really, Alex, almost done! (Photo from Amy)

It is OK, I forgive you for boring, upsetting and scaring me. (Photo from Amy)

Of course, there is still an IMAX movie…

Not happy about this IMAX of which you speak.

Oh wait… there is popcorn? Why didn’t you say so?

40 minutes in the dark => Nap in the Grass (Photo from Mom)

And playing in sculptures (Photo from Mom)

And pictures of the same.

Alex has to try too.

Have to make one of those squished penny things.

And a ride on the monorail!

The monorail!

Even got to watch the driver on the return trip!

Gotta watch everything!

Then home to walk the dog with Grama Ruth

And 17 hours later, time to play with trains some more!

And Grama Ruth makes a big fort to play cars in!

Sister said give her a kiss!

And we’re fixing up my fish bowl!