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November 2012

@abulsme tweets from 2012-11-01 (UTC)

  • Trick or treaters started arriving a little while ago. I have the green laser on a tree with a filter so light pattern leads to the door. 02:02:23
  • Trick or treating with Alex now. Thomas costume, not Clifford. :-) 02:37:59
  • Me: It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown during dinner? We can buy it online. Brandy: OK. Turn on TV… It was on! Live! 30 seconds in! 03:05:02
  • Amy's iPhone 5 ordered in Sep, arrived Mon. Brandy's iPhone 5 ordered in Oct, arrived Tue. My iPhone 5 ordered in Nov (a few minutes ago). 03:41:28
  • Instead of staying up late to do election update stuff, today I wake up way early. Not sure which I like better. Yawn! 10:04:45
  • EC Update for Thu Nov 1 done. Polls added in 16 states. FL changes status again. Blog post later today. 13:03:59
  • RT @poniewozik: Said it before, but if Romney had picked Christie we would have just witnessed one of the most curious election scenes ever 13:07:22
  • RT @chashomans: It is completely insane that the simple fact of a Dem POTUS & a GOP gov working amicably to respond to a disaster is … 13:13:48
  • Reading – What It Will Take for Barack Obama to Become the Next FDR (Jack M. Balkin) 20:10:14
  • Reading – 'How Can That Be?' More on the 'They Can't Both Be Right' Saga (James Fallows) 20:13:07
  • Reading – How Democrats will explain an Obama loss (Marc Ambinder) 20:40:12
  • [Abulpost] Electoral College: Florida Flips Again, Still Really Tied: So yesterday I said: As I’ve ca… 21:11:59
  • [Abulpost] Trick or Treating!: Heading out to Trick or Treat.  He was reluctant at first, saying he wa… 23:40:58

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