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November 2012

Trick or Treating!

Heading out to Trick or Treat.  He was reluctant at first, saying he wanted to stay home.  But then he got brave and off we went.  He was Thomas though.  Clifford didn’t make the cut after all.

You can see the laser light thing I set up in the background too.

The first house Alex went to.  He went up and rang the doorbell and collected the candy all on his own.  He would say “trick or treat” between houses, but was always really quiet when he was actually at a house.  He would nod his head when they asked if he was Thomas though.

3 comments to Trick or Treating!

  • Ruth M Brandon

    I’ll have to remember this when really small people come to my house on Saturday: that I need to take initiative!!!

  • Diane Minter

    Great pictures, great memories. Mia at her first halloween was a spider, her choice, and she hadn´t been introduced to candy yet so she got mad at the people dropping ¨trash¨in her pumpkin. Times have changed. I haven´t seen this years costumes, but they have been leaning to princesses for some time now. And they love the candy.

  • Ruth M Brandon

    Hmm! At my house only one of four offerings this year is candy! Microwave popcorn packets, small boxes of raisins, small packetsof Goldfish – ah yes, and M&Ms!

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