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If You Read Me on Facebook…

TLDR: I stopped reposting my daily twitter summaries on Facebook, but other posts to will still show up.

For awhile, I’ve had something set up on my blog that autoposts to Facebook whenever I make a new post. Well, it was mostly autoposts. Any post that I manually created would do an automatic notification to both Facebook and Twitter.

But I also have a daily automated post at 00:00 UTC each day that gives a digest of my tweets from the previous day. For whatever reason related to how that digest is created, those would not autopost to Facebook. I’d have to remember to manually push a few buttons to post those things to Facebook. This was kind of a pain, I’d often not remember, and then end up “catching up” by posting a bunch of them at once.

That kind of sucked.

I’m not going to do that any more. (In fact, I stopped about a week ago.)

My “real” posts will still get repeated on Facebook. But if you are interested in the things I am posting on Twitter, well, follow me on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, I’m @abulsme. Uh, or just follow my actual blog at In addition to just going to the site, you can of course subscribe via RSS, or there is even an option in the left bar on my site to subscribe to get a daily digest of my posts via email.

Now, I know most people don’t care, but FYI, that’s the deal. :-)

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