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@abulsme tweets from 2013-08-11 (UTC)

  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 8/10/2013: 3,147 steps and 2.3 km traveled. 01:01:40
  • Now test driving a Prius C. You can see the kinds of cars Brandy is leaning to at the moment… 02:40:24
  • Reading – Making You ‘Comfortable’ with Spying Is Obama’s Big NSA Fix (Shane Harris) 16:44:51
  • How a small number can be misleading -> Reading – NSA by the numbers (Jeff Jarvis) 20:23:13
  • This afternoon Brandy test drove a regular Prius and a C-Max. Think her short list at moment is Leaf and C-Max. 22:48:09
  • RT @imbou: @abulsme go hybrid!!! Until they find a way to recharge a leaf in 30 minutes, I don't like the possibility of getting stranded. 23:19:29
  • .@imbou Quickcharge on a Leaf from 0 to full is 15 minutes and there are Quickcharge stations all over the place in our area. in reply to imbou 23:20:23
  • RT @imbou: @abulsme what if you move? What if you want to sell it? 23:21:36
  • .@imbou looking at 2 year lease, not buy. But these are exactly the kind of questions she is considering. in reply to imbou 23:22:10
  • .@imbou I think at this very second she is leaning C-Max anyway. But Leaf still in contention. Think she ruled out Prius-C and Prius. in reply to imbou 23:24:14