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Some 2010/2011 Alex Movies



Yeah yeah, I’m still posting things I’ve had on my list to post since February of 2011.

In this case, I normally don’t post notes about Alex movies, because I typically never just sat down and watched them from one end to the other straight through. Instead, I would catch bits and pieces here and there while he was watching and I was paying attention to other things. But he was between 1 and 2, and watching his favorite movies A LOT. :-)

But in late 2010 into early 2011, these four movies were so pervasive, and were being watched so much and so often, that I know I saw every minute, and became very familiar with them, to the point of being able to recite lines. Now, Alex knew them even better than I did, but still.

Of these four, Cars was by far Alex’s favorite. It was the go to movie. He got the toys. Before he got into trains, he had his “NiNi McQueen” and his “Mater”. And I liked it too. Alex later got into the largely forgettable Cars 2 sequel too, but for me Cars was the real thing as it were. A nice little sentimental story. Yeah, it had a couple races, but the soul of the story was McQueen coming to appreciate the benefits of the slower lifestyle of Radiator Springs and the bygone days of Route 66. The sequel completely lost that thread. Shame.

Alex’s least favorite of these four was probably the Incredibles. He just never really got into it too much, although it still got a lot of play in that time period. I thought it was OK and a bit amusing, but while I would sit down and happily watch Cars again, I don’t really feel a strong desire to watch the Incredibles again.

In between are the Dragon movie and the Big Bird movie. I’m thinking Alex probably liked them about equally. For me Dragon was much preferable. It was a fun little story. I liked it. Would not mind watching it again. By contrast, Follow that Bird was the type that was squarely aimed at young kids rather than being a “family” movie, so as an adult watching it, it gets tedious fast, although there are a few nice moments.

Anyway, that was the first batch of four movies I noted. There were more later of course. But I’ll only be noting the ones here where *I* ended up feeling like I had really and truly “watched” the whole movie, even if I didn’t necessarily see it in the correct order all at once. :-)

Late addition: As I was finishing up this post, Alex came up to my office to tell me it was time for dinner, and I showed him this post and asked him about the four movies. He said he remembered three of them… but didn’t remember The Incredibles at all. Which matches my memory that he was not too impressed by it. He liked the other three. :-)

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