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@abulsme tweets from 2013-08-02 (UTC)

  • Reading – So Long Privacy? Court OKs Cell Phones for Warrantless Government Tracking (Adam Serwer) 00:57:46
  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 8/01/2013: 22,838 steps and 16.9 km traveled. 01:02:03
  • Reading – Oakland’s Creepy New Surveillance Program Just Got Approved (Linda Lye) 01:03:05
  • Reading – Marco Rubio’s 2016 Chances Are Alive and Well (Nate Cohn) 01:44:16
  • Reading – A Republican Case for Climate Action (Ruckelhaus/Thomas/Reilly/Whitman) 02:04:38
  • Reading – FBI Taps Hacker Tactics to Spy on Suspects (Jennifer Valentino-Devries) 03:11:48
  • Reading – Clarification and update (Michele Catalano) 03:28:20
  • Reading – Police Threatened to Arrest Me for Taking Their Photo Last Night (Dominic Holden) 03:38:09
  • Reading – The Meter vs Ads (Andrew Sullivan) 04:09:48
  • Reading – A Prohibition Rubicon (Andrew Sullivan) 04:14:14
  • Reading – Yale Officially Declares 'Nonconsensual Sex' Not That Big of a Deal (Katie J. M. Baker) 04:27:18
  • Reading – To Russia With Asylum (Andrew Sullivan) 04:36:26
  • [Abulpost] Curmudgeon's Corner: No, Not Really, No 14:09:59
  • RT @ggreenwald: How irrational to choose Russia over the luxurious, super-max hellhole of life-long solitary confinement the US generously … 14:17:38
  • Reading – Hang on to your balloons! The helium cliff is nigh. (Lydia DePillis) 14:20:18
  • Reading – Another Wild Story About Government Spying Circulates the Internet, Only to Be Debunked Later (Bob Cesca) 16:04:18
  • Reading – Senators spar over definition of В‘journalistВ’ in seeking to protect them (Kate Irby) 16:54:13
  • The Government should NEVER be in the business of deciding who is or is not a “reporter” for purposes of shield laws, etc. 16:55:07
  • If a shield law does not protect Wikileaks, my personal blog, and random Joe putting something on Facebook, then it is worse than useless. 16:56:22
  • Not everybody is a “professional journalist”, but EVERYBODY should have the same rights to disseminate info they feel is important. 16:57:54
  • When and if government can snoop to find sources, compel you to reveal sources, etc should be same for NYTimes and random guy with blog. 16:59:57
  • Of course I think there should be very high bar to justify that sort of thing. Some would argue a low bar. But should not differ by day job. 17:01:06
  • There should not be a special class of people with extra rights with the government getting to pick & choose who is in that class. Bad idea! 17:02:22
  • RT @owillis: dear us congress, you dont get to judge who is/isn't a journalist. 17:08:34
  • RT @owillis: "Feinstein suggested that the definition comprise only journalists who make salaries"
  • RT @owillis: this isnt 1870 or 1970 when we had "journalists" and "everyone else." the line is blurred, forever. so stop making archaic law. 17:08:41
  • Reading – Google, the freaky line and why Moto X is a game-changer (Robert Scoble) 19:31:59
  • Important counterpoint to Greenwald -> Reading – Getting XKeyscore Right (Joshua Foust) 21:47:47