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@abulsme tweets from 2013-10-03 (UTC)

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  • Ruth M Brandon

    agreed – also was thinking about the child – but why the shooting? – a traffic violator who could have been thought to be not in right mind for whatever reason – who was fleeing but not attacking – untreated mental illness – yes the mother also was victim, failed by the “system” that society should have provided.

  • It is tragic, but I understand “why the shooting”. Given what was known at the time by the people on the ground, they had no idea how much of a threat she might be. She’d already shown herself willing to hit police officers with her car as she tried to escape. They had no idea if she was trying to do an attack, if the car was loaded with explosives, if she was otherwise armed, or if even with the car she might at any moment plow into a crowd of tourists. Their priority had to just be stopping her, and other methods of doing so are much harder and time consuming to organize. Non-lethal methods may have been possible with the time to consider and plan, but this was an emergent situation where the authorities needed to act quickly. Or at least thought they did given what little they knew at the time.

    It is easy with hindsight to determine that she may not have been a “real” threat and it could have been handled differently, but the people who had to deal with it at that moment did not have the luxury of the additional knowledge we have now.

    (Not that we know every detail even now.)

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