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@abulsme tweets from 2013-12-31 (UTC)

  • Listening to Curmudgeon's Corner 2013 Prediction Show 00:17:11
  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 12/30/2013: 5,970 steps and 4.4 km traveled. 01:06:05
  • Found two loose dogs running together in our neighborhood. Caught them. Called number on tag. Returned them to their people. 02:45:59
  • Turns out they are the two dogs that live on the other side of the fence in our back yard. Roscoe barks back & forth with them all the time. 02:46:47
  • But we had never seen them before. Only heard them. 02:47:04
  • Reading – About that Glenn Greenwald “Dead Man’s Switch” claim (simoom, LGF) 05:42:38
  • Set up caching on the data for my state poll graphs (ex: ). Previously calculated these on the fly. 12:21:50
  • Also made the calculation itself more efficient. These are needed steps before setting up to do histories of the national summary. 12:22:34
  • Or for playing with different graphing packages. Gets data 2b graphed into files which I can easily pull into whatever, separate from calcs. 12:23:51
  • Thought about playing with the graphs next, but may do the calculation of the national trends first. Depends what I feel like next time. :-) 12:25:12
  • For now, thinking I should head to bed soon though… As tempting as it is to play more, since I haven’t done this stuff in ages. 12:25:59
  • Of course, Alex woke me up less than an hour after I finally went to bed. :-/ 13:47:18
  • Now in possession of my 4th iPad in 13 months. Three replacements after broken screens. Doing software update, then restore. 21:04:08
  • Requirement of latest iPad replacement: Ruggedized case ordered. 21:08:55
  • Reading – Predictions 2014 (Bruce Morton) 23:33:03
  • .@ivanbou & I do ours next week! This week we review ‘13 preds RT @abulsme: Reading – Predictions 2014 (Bruce Morton) 23:38:13