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@abulsme tweets from 2014-01-19 (UTC)

  • Today: Old fridge partially fixed, moved to garage as semi-reliable spare. New fridge delivered and installed. Which would be good, but… 03:14:37
  • Installers caused a small dent on 1 of the doors. You have to pay attention 2 notice, but of course I do. Really bothers me & upsets me. :-( 03:16:32
  • Installers long gone and Brandy had already signed the “everything is good” papers before I noticed though, so probably nothing to be done. 03:17:34
  • It really is a very small blemish, but of course once noticed, it is all I can see. 03:24:08
  • Nice new wonderful cool fridge: invisible. Tiny barely visible dent: glaring & taunting me. 03:24:50
  • Leading of course to googling dent repair methods & perhaps pricing replacing the dented part. Probably won’t do anything at all of course. 03:27:13
  • Researching fixes is a necessary part of working out the frustration. But it is incredibly frustrating. 03:29:58
  • I’m sure we inevitably would have dented it ourselves before too long. We do have a four year old after all. But, you know, brand new & all. 03:30:59
  • Ok. Rant over. And it really is a tiny blemish… If I didn’t have strong OCD tendencies I wouldn’t even care… But… Grrrr! Sigh. :-( 03:32:33
  • We gave them a really good tip too! (Because it was a major pain getting it in to begin with.). Oh well! 03:34:21
  • (The dent was obviously caused by bumping into the handle of one of the cabinets across from the fridge.) 03:35:47
  • Oh. I said I was done, didn’t I? I guess that means I should actually stop. Very tense about this though. :-( 03:38:41
  • Taking @AmyNotAmy to my work holiday party now. Cool. :-) 05:36:34
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