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@abulsme tweets from 2014-01-13 (UTC)

  • RT @BYUfan: .@abulsme That was a great show. You asked for listener predictions. Here are mine. Predictions 2014 – 00:57:57
  • .@BYUfan Thanks! I read your predictions the day you posted them too. Good stuff! in reply to BYUfan 01:00:37
  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 1/12/2014: 8,477 steps and 6.3 km traveled. 01:01:07
  • Reading – There's An Electronic Currency That Could Save The Economy — And It's Not Bitcoin (Danny Vinik) 01:40:56
  • Refrigerator broke Wednesday. Attempted repair failed Friday. New one ordered just now for Saturday delivery. Too much $$$. Better be good. 08:04:49
  • We of course upsold ourselves throughout the process. Picked one we really liked, but really probably past our rational budget. Oh well. :-/ 08:06:42
  • After the initial rounds of throwing out spoiled food, Brandy has been keeping the old refrigerator cold with dry ice, replenished daily. 08:11:07
  • Guess we keep doing that until the new one arrives. Fun, huh? 08:11:36
  • Reading – The only known photo of Einstein's Mass-Energy Equivalence formula (George Dvorsky) 08:34:02
  • Reading – Stuxnet's Secret Twin (Ralph Langner) 09:13:24
  • Reading – The Coming Tribulation (Rod Dreher) 15:32:31
  • Reading – Analysis of Terrorism Cases Finds NSA Phone Record Collection Didn’t Prevent Attacks (Gosztola) 15:39:54
  • Reading – Airliner Lands At Wrong Airport, Barely Misses Going Off Runway (Scott Neuman) 15:45:26