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@abulsme tweets from 2014-01-06 (UTC)

  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 1/05/2014: 4,436 steps and 3.3 km traveled. 01:03:23
  • Been working on new graphs for the 2016 polls. Have the average, but not individual data points. 07:08:13
  • I want to have the individual polls on there too with tooltips with the detailed poll data. 07:08:57
  • At this point though I suspect the method I used to get the average line won’t work to add the individual polls, and I will need to rework. 07:09:45
  • But I think I need to be done for the day, and probably for the week. I’ll pick it up again next time I have unexpected free time. 07:10:25
  • And of course, all that is just for the state graphs. After that is settled, I will start on the two national summary graphs I have in mind. 07:52:34
  • And somewhere along there, more data entry. And then maybe a map! :-) 07:53:31
  • Then a lot of clean up to tidy things up and move it to my main website. (Or more accurately, move my main website to it.) 07:54:22
  • Reading – Problems with the FISC’s Declassified Opinion on Bulk Collection of Internet Metadata (Orin Kerr) 15:36:40
  • Reading – The Policy Question About Legal Weed Nobody Is Asking (Matthew Yglesias) 15:39:17
  • Reading – Supreme Court Puts Gay Marriage On Hold In Utah (Caitlin MacNeal) 15:40:57