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February 2014

@abulsme tweets from 2014-02-18 (UTC)

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  • Reading – Mozilla Plans to Sell Ads in Firefox Browser (John Gruber) 00:55:00
  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 2/17/2014: 8,774 steps and 6.5 km traveled. 01:01:07
  • Reading – Rand Paul: We need ‘a new Republican Party’ — not small changes (Aaron Blake) 01:04:40
  • Reading – Should we fear the worst? (Macaro/Baggini) 01:09:44
  • Not quite how it was presented… Reading – Lost in desert at four years old … but for how long? (OpenNewsroom) 01:13:31
  • Reading – 5 Years Later, What Did The ARRA Achieve? (Lance Roberts) 01:17:25
  • Reading – Snowden Documents Reveal Covert Surveillance and Pressure Tactics Aimed at WikiLeaks (Greenwald/Gallagher) 08:29:34
  • More 2016 poll stuff. Just finished data entry on the 1996 elections. This means I have now switched everything to 5 poll averages. 16:40:43
  • In places where there are not enough real polls on current catalogs I backfill with actual elections. Five is my target, so here I am! :-) 16:41:51
  • I’ve used 5 poll averages in the last couple elections, and it has seemed to do fine. In the past I haven’t backfilled more than 2 elex tho. 16:42:36
  • This gives a better “background” for unpolled states though, although one could argue that 5 elex back is a very long time (20 years). 16:43:20
  • It also means 3 Dem victories and 2 Rep victories. If I wanted to be “even” I could choose 4, 8 or 10 elex. But I’ve done 5 poll avg, so… 16:47:58
  • Anyway, this gives an interesting baseline: the 5 poll avg using just last 5 elex, no new polls on 2016 candidates: 16:49:16
  • “Close” states (under 5% margin in 5 elex avg) end up as Missouri, Virginia, Colorado, Florida, Ohio and Nevada. 16:50:30
  • Dem’s have a slight advantage, with a 1.66% “tipping point” in Ohio. Range goes from 24 EV Rep win to 146 EV Dem win as close states swing. 16:52:03
  • Of course, we already do have some very limited polling on specific candidate pairings for 2016 that moves that. Ex: 16:55:41
  • We are along way from having enough data to even be too meaningful as a snapshot, let alone a prediction though & I know I am missing polls. 16:56:48
  • But I am happy to slowly but surely be getting my infrastructure in place to track this stuff. I still have a long to do list though. 16:58:10
  • Getting 2 actually having enough historical data to do five poll avg in all states (inc elex) is a milestone though. I’m happy about it. :-) 16:59:13
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