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February 2014

@abulsme tweets from 2014-02-24 (UTC)

  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 2/23/2014: 239 steps and 0.2 km traveled. 01:02:38
  • Reading – Deval Patrick open to White House bid (Alex Burns) 02:44:10
  • Reading – Apple’s ‘Gotofail’ Security Mess Extends To Mail, Twitter, iMessage, Facetime And More (Andy Greenberg) 02:53:33
  • By the way, I think I’m caught up adding polls to my 2016 state poll database. If anybody readying knows any I missed, please let me know! 05:52:01
  • The 5 candidate combos with the most polling data on states with margins under 10% follow… 05:52:36
  • #1 Clinton vs Christie: Current State: Clinton 323, Christie 215 05:54:19
  • #2 Clinton vs Paul: Current State: Clinton 338, Paul 200 05:55:27
  • #3 Clinton vs Bush: Current State: Clinton 334, Paul 204 05:56:23
  • #4 Clinton vs Rubio: Current State: Clinton 332, Rubio 206 05:57:31
  • #5 Clinton vs Ryan: Current State: Clinton 332, Ryan 206 05:58:16
  • Of course even the best of those five has only two states where there are actually a full 5 polls of the actual 2 candidates. 06:00:01
  • And there is only trivial polling of anybody other than Clinton on the Dem side. 06:00:29
  • And there are still over 2.5 years until the election. 06:00:55
  • So all of this is more proving out my scripts for setting all this up. There is little to no predictive value yet. But still fun. :-) 06:01:49
  • Worth mentioning though that of those 5 R’s, only Christie even shows as beating Clinton if you give him all of Clinton’s weak states too. 06:03:25
  • And not enough time has passed to reflect any fallout from Bridgegate. So yeah, very very early, but it shows the R’s have an uphill climb. 06:04:50
  • So yeah, anyway… too early for real conclusions, but if anybody has any polls I don’t have, tell me! Raw data: 06:07:27
  • Oh yeah, for reference on those EC match ups I gave, Obama vs Romney ended up 332-206. Results so far not much different from that baseline. 06:13:49
  • Also, most desired states for some polls… MO & NV. The two closest states in the five elec avg where there have not yet been any 2016 polls. 06:19:59
  • Reading – Missing American in Iran was on Unapproved Mission (Apuzzo/Goldman) 14:11:36
  • New maps feature from @Highcharts! This just got me very excited! Thanks! Will come in handy for my polls project… 16:37:34
  • Reading – Putin may have helped to convince Ukrainian leader to go (Steve LeVine) 17:35:09
  • Reading – The evolution of the importance of the developer (Dave Mark) 20:53:58
  • Reading – The Moon Ate Saturn! (Phil Plait) 21:11:14
  • Reading – Facebook ends its email address service, citing low usage by users (Ken Yeung) 22:39:13
  • Facebook was the one company in position to completely reinvent email to bring it back to its p2p spam free roots, but they didn’t. 22:40:37