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February 2014

@abulsme tweets from 2014-02-12 (UTC)

  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 2/11/2014: 4,248 steps and 3.1 km traveled. 01:01:13
  • Voted. :-) 02:56:09
  • Reading – How The GOP Plans To Crush The Tea Party Revolt (Daniel Strauss) 03:20:16
  • Reading – Store Owner: Employee Wore Banana Suit To Look 'Less Alarming' While Carrying AK-47 (Caitlin MacNeal) 03:28:16
  • Alex was adjusting projector screen today. He let go too fast. Screen bounced. Fell. Barely missed Alex. Our hearts stopped but he was fine. 06:34:30
  • Screen was totaled though. As was a cheap piece of Ikea furniture that was under it. Not huge losses. Just glad Alex fine. 06:36:45
  • He was actually adjusting it at my request and not doing anything wrong. But it released with a bit too much force for how it was mounted. 06:37:36
  • Anyway, taking the opportunity to upgrade to an electric screen instead of a manual. And we’ll make the mount a lot more solid. 06:38:32
  • We had originally gone with the manual because we figured Alex would probably write on it or something and we would need to replace it. 06:38:59
  • He never did though. He has always been good with it. And after the fall just now, @Scatterbrandy is more comfortable with an electric. 06:39:39
  • No cords to pull it up & down, and no rapid spring loaded retracting. Just rolls itself down when you turn on proj, & up when you turn off. 06:40:52
  • Anyway, another in a string of unexpected repairs and upgrades in the last two months. Sigh. 06:41:18
  • Oh, we also had 2 get a slightly bigger screen as the electric didn’t come in same size as our manual & we didn’t want to go down a size. :) 06:43:01
  • It will take a while for the new one to arrive, so we are without a screen for a couple weeks. Oh well. Anyway, very glad Alex not hit! 06:44:13
  • Reading – When Those in Power Invite Us to Learn the Wrong Lessons from Nelson Mandela (Kevin Gosztola) 14:08:56
  • Reading – Mozilla Will Sell Ads In Firefox To Create A New Revenue Stream (Romain Dillet) 14:16:01
  • RT @270toWin: 1,000 days until the 2016 presidential election. 14:21:18
  • Hey @imbou someone else hears it! I don’t hear it any more tho. RT @BYUfan: @abulsme Please! Fix that annoying smoke alarm. #chirpchirpchirp 17:33:14
  • RT @sesamestreet: Introducing… FLAPPY BERT! Play now: 18:24:38
  • Fire drill at work. So much fun! 18:47:24