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@abulsme tweets from 2014-10-25 (UTC)

3 comments to @abulsme tweets from 2014-10-25 (UTC)

  • change of clocks is NEXT week! Remember then – if you did it last night, your week will be weird!

  • Some places changed this week. Mainly in Europe. I personally don’t change ANY clocks, EVER! Because I use UTC on everything. And like any time that makes sense, it doesn’t change. Well, except the clocks that are analog 12 hour based in my office and hallway I keep them on “local time”. But they change themselves. My main difficulty is not remembering to change clocks, but rather comprehending the mass psychosis that happens twice a year where for no understandable reason everybody changes what time they do everything!

  • Oh, and of course the retweet about changing clocks ws for the cartoon it linked to, not the advice to change clocks, unless you were in a place that changed today of course.

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