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@abulsme tweets from 2015-06-08 (UTC)

  • 17:16:47 Retweeted @breakingbytes 17:15:21 New Apple operating system to be called 'OX X El Capitan'
  • 17:19:58 Tiled windows? Wasn’t that a Windows 3.1 thing? It sucked. :-/ (Not a fan of full screen type modes.)
  • 18:07:53 Home because people are sick & new dishwasher being installed. New dishwasher incompatible with our water valve. Plumbing work needed. :-/
  • 18:09:32 Cause of dishwasher, missed most of WWDC keynote. Oh well. Bringing it up again now.
  • 19:25:10 Dishwasher delivered, WWDC Keynote done, sick people still sick. Time to grab food then switch to working from home mode for the afternoon.
  • 19:26:15 I’ll have to review some of the stuff they announced while the dishwasher was arriving, but from glancing over stuff, nothing too exciting.
  • 19:27:33 Although if El Capitan actually speeds up my old iMac, that will be a huge plus all by itself. :-)

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