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@abulsme tweets from 2015-10-19 (UTC)

  • 02:38:15 A friend saw this on Facebook and recognized #3… My mom’s dog Sara that I rescued off I-95 in 2001. :-)
  • 02:39:18 Sara is very elderly and feeble these days, but still hanging on. That picture was taken when she was just a few months old.
  • 02:40:37 I pulled over when I saw her dodging traffic in the middle of the highway. I called her and for her to jump into my car. She came eagerly.
  • 02:42:35 The vet said she was only a couple months old. After trying and failing to find her owner, I presented her to my mom as her new dog. :-)
  • 02:44:02 She has been a very good dog for many years since… She didn’t really repeat the tableau in that picture. :-)
  • 07:21:04 Reading – Trump has figured out Bush's greatest weakness as a candidate, and it's not his energy level (Ezra Klein)
  • 07:28:10 Reading – What’s Orbiting KIC 8462852 – Shattered Comet or Alien Megastructure? (Bob King)
  • 21:22:25 Retweeted @BreakingNews 21:21:54 Democratic candidate Jim Webb considering independent run; will hold press conference Tuesday – @frankthorpNBC
  • 21:24:56 I had started to think I wouldn’t have to revamp my site for a 3-way race after all. Then again, this is Webb… So maybe nothing changes. :-)