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I Broke My Foot


Lovely, huh? I was trying to do an obstacle course Alex had built in our driveway. I was on my bike. I fell. Crunched my foot between a wooden 4×4 and my bike. It wasn’t a hard fall, and at first I thought it was nothing and I would just get up and brush it off. That idea disappeared once I tried to stand up.

After a night of crawling slowly from room to room since I couldn’t stand or walk, and with even the crawling resulting in quite a bit of pain, Brandy made me go to the doctor. :-)

For now I have a boot on my left foot and I’ve got some crutches. I’ve been referred to an orthopedic office to see exactly what more they want to do with me. Sounds like it will probably be more than just the boot. In the mean time, I’m hobbling around the house, but even going from room to room is a fairly big effort, and often quite painful. The doctor says no weight at all on the foot if I don’t want to make it worse, and that I need to minimize how much I’m up and around.

So I’m thinking I have lots of working from home in my immediate future, and probably quite a bit of time just in bed or on the couch. Sounds like minimum 4 to 6 weeks to heal, possibly more.


But hey, at age 44 this is my first broken bone ever, so I guess I did pretty well…

Curmudgeon’s Corner: A Groundswell of Begging

On this week’s Curmudgeon’s Corner we apologize for last week’s show, then jump right in on Election 2016 analysis. We cover Biden’s exit and the results of last week’s debate, and what all that means for Clinton. Then we move on to the Republicans, talking about Trump’s staying power, how the only one close to him is Carson of all people, and how Bush is crashing and burning. With the Presidential race out of the way, we spend some time on Paul Ryan and the race for Speaker. Then finally in our lightning round we hit Back to the Future Day, iPads and iPhones, the hospital bombing in Afghanistan, book and movie reviews, and more!

Click to listen or subscribe… then let us know your own thoughts!

Recorded 2015-10-22

Length this week – 1:32:48

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Show Details:

  • (0:00:10-0:09:08) But First
    • Sounds Ivan makes
    • Allergy Meds
    • Making fun of Ivan falling asleep
    • Forced Break
    • Future Debates
    • Agenda
  • (0:10:09-0:21:49) The Democrats
    • Biden Out
    • Debate Results
    • Clinton’s Position
    • Sad for Joe
  • (0:22: 53-0:56:17) The Republicans
    • Debate Demands
    • Trump not going away
    • Trump vs Bush
    • Efforts to stop Trump
    • Trump in the general?
    • Thinning the crowd
    • The Republican Split
  • (0:56:56-1:11:18) Speaker of the House
    • Future Sam Disclaimer
    • Ryan’s Conditions
    • Ryan’s Options
    • Ryan the RINO
    • Weakened Ryan?
  • (1:12:07-1:32:28) Lightning Round
    • Back to the Future Day
    • iPad vs big iPhone
    • Car bluetooth issue
    • US hospital bombing
    • Apple Music Subscriber Numbers
    • Movie: Mud
    • Book: The Son Also Rises

@abulsme tweets from 2015-10-24 (UTC)

  • 01:50:32 Tried to do an obstacle course Alex set up for me. I fell. Hurt my foot. While Brandy was helping me up, he RAN and got the first aid kit!
  • 01:53:33 He spent the next 10 minutes helping me with bandaids and other things from the first aid kit. Which was really nice.
  • 01:58:28 But even after ace bandage, ice and Advil, it hurts quite a bit and I can’t walk on it. Hope I didn’t mess it up too bad. :-(
  • 03:18:47 Retweeted @jaketapper 03:07:59 Trump: "We have a breaking story, Donald Trump has fallen to second place behind Ben Carson. We informed Ben, but he was sleeping."
  • 03:34:37 Reading – Did the Kepler space telescope discover alien megastructures? The mystery of Tabby’s star solved (Galasyn)
  • 10:46:33 Just spent 10 minutes slowly crawling up the stairs on hands on knees because it was a little less painful than trying to do it upright.
  • 10:47:48 At top of stairs I just lay down, exhausted from the effort, unwilling to try to contemplate dragging myself 20 more feet to the bedroom.
  • 10:48:49 Maybe Brandy is right and I should go see a Doctor in the morning rather than just wait for my foot to feel better on its own. Sigh. :-(
  • 10:53:14 It would suck if I broke my foot. But, I guess lying in hallway cause can’t make it from couch where fell asleep to the bedroom sucks too.
  • 12:29:23 Made it to bedroom and bathroom. Took stronger pain killers. Going to try to sleep a little. Still haven’t put out podcast. Damn foot! :-(
  • 16:19:19 Retweeted @bonncaruso 13:02:21 @abulsme Gute Besserung!! I hope you get better. in reply to abulsme
  • 16:19:33 .@bonncaruso Thank you! in reply to bonncaruso
  • 16:19:39 Retweeted @imbou 13:11:13 @abulsme I vote Doctor! in reply to abulsme
  • 16:21:19 .@imbou I just gave this sneaky feeling… Based on quite clearly needing them… That I am at least going to end up on crutches for a bit. in reply to imbou
  • 16:22:20 .@imbou He says as he wakes up and still can’t put any weight on his left foot at all without wanting to scream. in reply to imbou
  • 17:14:25 .@imbou Appointment set for later today. Damn it! :-( in reply to imbou
  • 18:13:50 Luckily the women in my family have suffered many leg injuries, so we had crutches in garage. So I was able to get to car without crawling.
  • 18:15:10 On way to doctor now. Woo? If I broke my foot, guess it is about time. 44 years without a broken bone. Luck couldn’t last forever…
  • 19:17:05 Yes. Foot broken. Upper metatarsal. In a boot now. Chance it may need surgery. Goody. First broken bone of my life. :-(
  • 19:19:56 Boot or cast for 4 – 6 weeks probably. They gave me the temporary boot and are referring me to an orthopedic specialist to decide what else.
  • 20:43:02 Retweeted @alcxxk 15:11:50 oh, microsoft
  • 22:57:44 Managed to finally get back to my office. Going up stairs sucks. This really hurts. Will try to finish up on podcast now. :-(
  • 23:59:25 Sorry. Will still be longer for the podcast. Think it has only ever been this late once or twice. Next two hours probably. But hey. Foot.